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Freedom Alliance, LLC. A Veteran Owned Company
Our New Book is Here!
“America’s Freedom Megaphone:
The Case for Building the Statue of Enduring Freedom”

Book Endorsements


"The roadmap to American Renewal begins with this book. Every citizen who cares about liberty for future generations must pick up a copy now!"

A.J. Rice is President & CEO of Publius PR, Editor-in-Chief of The Publius National Post, and author of the #1 Amazon bestseller, The Woking Dead: How Society's Vogue Virus Destroys Our Culture.

"A 305' tall 'megaphone for freedom' is what America needs now as we stand at the crossroads of freedom or socialism."

Carlissa Jenkins
American Legion 2018 National Oratorical Contest winner
Medical student, University of Kentucky

“Daniel Bolz nails the cause of our nation's sickness and provides a genuine healing cure. His solution is simple and should be obvious: Inspire freedom by inspiring our children through educational outreach. It is a propagandized educational system that got us into the mess we are now in. Inspiring our children forward to a love of freedom and a love of God is the solution...”

Noel Thornley
Author, Magi's Christmas
Otolaryngology Surgical Consultant

“Having listened to Daniel’s proposal and reading his new book, I am overwhelmed by feelings of honor and patriotism. Now we all need to step up and champion this cause through doing something great for our children and our country.”

Kirk Hunsaker
Former City Mayor, Santaquin, Utah

“That this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom…,” said Abraham Lincoln in the Gettysburg Address. America suffers again from cultural and political divide so intense that many doubt the power of freedom to endure the rule of a government in which truth and justice struggle to rise above political strife and cultural agendas—a government increasingly unaccountable to the people in its attempt to conquer from within. Now in a divided America with little room left for compromise, the political game has escalated beyond mudslinging. The signs of the times mark an ever-widening gap. Lincoln saw it coming when he spoke of a house divided against itself. The lessons of our American past imply the need for a new forward-focused monument. The Statue of Enduring Freedom will, with its intentions, renew the battle to solidify the lasting continuation of our free institutions.”

Gretchen Wollert
author of “Born to Fight: Lincoln and Trump”

“I appreciate the plea for continued education about our founding principles of liberty and freedom in Chapter 2, and throughout the book! Correct education is the foundation for correct beliefs to stand on.”

– Florida

"Bolz has given us a powerful idea that is well championed in his book.  Well written, personal, inspiring, humorous, and challenging. Bold idea!  Statue of Liberty is now 138 years old.  In 2026 America will be celebrating her 250 th birthday. Time for the Statue of Enduring Freedom to join in uniting America for freedom and liberty."

Vietnam Era Veteran
- Missouri


About the Author – Daniel L. Bolz


Daniel L. Bolz is an entrepreneur, inventor, teacher, writer, and business consultant. A Northern Michigan native, he grew up valuing the principles of rugged individualism and the American Dream. He holds a BA in Political Science and Art, an M.Ed. in Educational Administration, and an MBA. He has lived and worked in New York, Michigan, Utah, Germany, and Scotland.  Bolz, a third-generation Army veteran, served with NATO in Bavaria, Germany during the ending years of the Vietnam War. Bolz began his professional career as an educator, teaching high school history, government, civics, and art.
He also spent time as a junior high school administrator. He later went to night school and earned an MBA in marketing. He left teaching in the late 1980’s to begin his business career. He invented a stereo-electronics product and had it marketed on national television. He worked in several fields and established his own consulting company, Paradigm International, Inc. in 1995. He has consulted for private companies, educational organizations, and non-profit foundations. Bolz is the writing force behind His monthly automotive articles focus on preventative maintenance and safe driving tips for every-day drivers. After a decade of consulting for various monument projects, Bolz spearheaded the ‘Statue of Enduring Freedom’ monument project in 2017 and founded Freedom Alliance LLC in 2020. Bolz is a passionate advocate of free market capitalism, constitutional law, and individual freedom and liberty as outlined in America’s founding documents.

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Freedom Alliance, LLC. A Veteran Owned Company

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