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Freedom Alliance, LLC. A Veteran Owned Company
“America’s Megaphone for Freedom”
-The Monument to Enduring Freedom-

Educational Outreach Program

Our mission is to employ every means possible through our educational materials so that all freedom-loving people will draw closer in understanding, love, and commitment to this great land we call America. A revival of understanding and a recommitment of action will be the end result.

It takes a “Megaphone for Freedom” to bring attention to the crossroads we stand at today. The ‘Statue of Liberty’ and the soon to be built ‘Monument to Enduring Freedom’ will do just that! As current and future generations view these two mighty monuments, they will know what they stand for, what they emulate, and what they remind each of us to do in order to secure “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for all.

America’s Founding Fathers, as well as other wise individuals, knew all too well that without our individual freedoms to live, to labor, and to apply our unalienable rights, that in time they would devolve into mere words on a page. We are dedicated to teaching truth in history and civics, inspiring patriotism, motivating youth to understand and uphold their rights and obligations of citizenship, and instilling reverence for the divine.

Children under an umbrella

Our Educational Outreach Program will provide engaging learning materials and experiences that will inspire current and future generations of America’s youth to rediscover, embrace, understand, respect, and advocate for the miracle of America’s founding, and its role as defender of liberty and freedom in the world.

America’s two great patriotic monuments; ‘Lady Liberty’ and ‘Brother Freedom’, as they stand on our east and west coasts, will remind us all that our founding principles of Liberty and Freedom are the unmovable foundation blocks that our country is firmly built upon.

Click here for the full ‘Educational Outreach Program’ document.

“By its very nature – freedom is a messy proposition…, but it is also the surest path to individual opportunity and enlightenment.”
Daniel Bolz
Freedom Alliance, LLC. A Veteran Owned Company

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