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Freedom Alliance, LLC. A Veteran Owned Company

Funding Phases

Critical to the success of completing this historic monument project is funding. The following document reviews our three-phase plan.


We invite you to become part of this historic, grassroots, patriotic movement to keep America free… Join us as builders of
“America’s Megaphone for Freedom”
In order for America to continue to stand as a beacon of liberty and freedom, together; we need to stand up for freedom; to speak out for freedom; to teach our children the ways of freedom; to defend freedom against its foes… and help build the Monument to Enduring Freedom! This timely and needed monument will be erected on the West Coast to act as a companion to the Statue of Liberty on the East Coast. Lady Liberty and Brother Freedom will stand as proud sentries to American Exceptionalism. Together these two symbolic companions of Liberty and Freedom will highlight America’s quest to enshrine and protect ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ for all freedom-loving people.

Phase I - Objectives
  • Complete 3-foot-tall maquette in bronze
  • Complete 3-foot-tall maquette in resin
  • Complete 17-inch-tall maquette in resin
  • Build pedestal and Visitor's Center model
  • Research location options
  • Determine cost for final 305-foot-tall monument
  • Determine cost for Visitor's Center


  • $451,000 (based on a 12-month completion period)
  • $493,000 (based on an 18-month completion period)

Phase II - Objectives
  • Secure property for construction
  • Approve design of pedestal and Visitor's Center
  • Secure remaining funds needed
  • Finalize curriculum and distribution strategy for the “Educational Outreach Program
  • Commission documentary DVD
  • Commission the monuments book, “America’s Megaphone for Freedom


  • TBD

Phase III - Objectives
  • Build the Monument to Enduring Freedom
  • Build the Visitor's Center


Most monuments honor events and individuals from the past. The Monument to Enduring Freedom is future-focused! By understanding and honoring America’s past – we will secure Freedom and Liberty for our future! Through our "Educational Outreach Program", current and future generations will develop a firm appreciation and love for America. They will learn how our founding principles influence and guide our actions. They will understand how rights and responsibilities apply to all freedom-loving people.

“Civilizations leave their legacy to future generations by the monuments they build. Great monuments lift the human spirit, crystallize inner beliefs, encourage discussion, and lead to strengthened resolve and renewed action.”
Daniel L. Bolz


Freedom Alliance, LLC
(A Veteran Owned Company)

Managing Partners:
Daniel L. Bolz, President
Anna Koh Varilla, Sculptor/Artist
Jeffrey H. Varilla, Sculptor/Artist
Freedom Alliance, LLC. A Veteran Owned Company

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