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Freedom Alliance, LLC. A Veteran Owned Company

Strategy and Phase One Funding

Critical to the success of implementing the overall strategy for this massive project is the funding of Phase One. The following document reviews both the overall project strategy and the business plan for Phase One.


The strategy to fund the Monument to Enduring Freedom and the tactics to work that strategy are time-sensitive and will only be discussed verbally in a private confidential setting. The end result of this strategy is to secure a commission for the entire cost of the project. The total cost for the full-size statue and pedestal/visitors center will be determined as part of the work of Phase One. The combined height will be the same as the Statue of Liberty, 305 feet.

Phase One Funding

Combined Expense Totals
(Fixed + Variable + Monthly)
Six Months $181,000
Twelve Months $247,000
Eighteen Months $313,000
I. Offer to Phase One Benefactor
  • Prominent naming recognition in Visitors Center, in a commissioned book, and in documentary film.

II. Value of Offer
  • Priceless in monetary terms.
  • Historic in legacy terms.

III. Risk of Offer
  • High

IV. Artist Funding Needs (Phase One only)
Pedestal $5,000
3-foot maquette (resin) $15,000
(bronze $30,000)
Other $15,000
Total $50,000

V. Project Management and Research (Phase One only)
Management $6,000/month
Administrative Assistant $3,000/month
Legal (LLC, Design patent, name copyright, etc.) $15,000
Research (Business Plan, Funding Plan & Strategy, White Paper, etc.) $10,000
Travel (Airfare, lodging, ground transp., food). See airfare and lodging details. $30,000

VI.Fixed Expenses
Artists (three-foot bronze maquette w/base) $50,000
Legal $15,000
Research $10,000
Other $10,000
Total $85,000

VII. Variable Expenses
Travel (airfare) $14,000
Lodging, Ground Transportation, Food $16,000
Total $30,000

VIII. Monthly Expenses
Management $6,000
Administrative Assistant $3,000
Insurance $1,000
Other/Misc. $1,000
Total $11,000

IX. Air Fare – Details
Utah to Chicago $400
Utah to Detroit $400
Utah to Sacramento $300
Utah to Washington D.C. $400
Chicago to Washington D.C. $500
Utah to Israel $1,800
Chicago to Israel $1,400
Total $14,000

Note: Air Fare Total is based on 5 domestic flights @ 3 people/flight ($6,000) and two international flights @ 3 people/flight ($8,000).

X. Lodging/Ground Transportation/Food – Details
Lodging $150/night
Ground Transportation $100/trip
Food $100/trip
Total $16,000

Note: Lodging/Ground Transportation/Food Total is based on $350/one overnight trip/person and a total of 15 trips @ 3 persons per trip.

Expenses Breakdown Totals
Fixed Expenses $85,000
Variable Expenses $30,000
Monthly Expenses
  Six Months $66,000
  Twelve Months $132,000
  Eighteen Months $198,000


When Phase One is successfully completed, a detailed business plan for the entire project will be presented. This information will prepare the project to be introduced to the funding partners as discussed confidentially in our Strategy Section. Elements of this business plan will include:

“Civilizations leave their legacy to future generations by the monuments they build. Great monuments lift the human spirit, crystallize inner beliefs, encourage discussion, and lead to strengthened resolve and renewed action.”
Daniel L. Bolz
  • Cost Projections for construction of monument, pedestal, and visitors center
  • Funding partners (ie. Commission grantor)
  • Design of pedestal and visitors center
  • Location
  • Mission
  • Project construction partners
  • Operations budget
  • Partners and expenses for educational projects including on-site, classroom outreach and internet
  • Monument property management and security
  • Selecting partners for commissioned book and documentary film
  • White Paper
  • Other


  1. Actual expenses for Air Fare will depend on the number of domestic and international flights booked and current rates.
  2. Additional unforeseen expenses may impact budget projections.  Partners will present such expenses to the benefactor who will approve/disapprove on a case by case basis.
  3. The benefactor will agree to fund all three 6-month periods. If the monument commission is not secured by the end of 18 months, the partners and benefactor will decide whether to continue or conclude the project.
  4. Phase One corporate structure:
Freedom Alliance, LLC
(A Veteran Owned Company)

Managing Partners:
Daniel L. Bolz, President
Anna Koh Varilla, Sculptor/Artist
Jeffrey H. Varilla, Sculptor/Artist
Freedom Alliance, LLC. A Veteran Owned Company



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