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Freedom Alliance, LLC. A Veteran Owned Company

Monument to Enduring Freedom
(Working title. Final name to be determined.)

The clay model of the Monument to Enduring Freedom and the drawing plan promotes the idea of a male or younger brother counterpart of the Statue of Liberty. Our Monument to Enduring Freedom, like the Statue of Liberty, is inspired by the legacy and contributions of Greco-Roman classical thought which is the bedrock of American concepts of rule of law and democratic principles.

Concept Drawing of Statue of Freedom holding scroll and owl

The Concept

The Monument to Enduring Freedom holds a scroll that symbolizes knowledge and legal principles which are some of the great contributions of ancient Republican Rome. The democratic principles that we cherish are the great political legacy of Classical Greece.

The owl perched on the arm of the Monument to Enduring Freedom is a reference to the origins of democracy which is Athens, Greece. The word “democracy” is a Greek word meaning people power. The owl was a symbol of wisdom and the symbol of ancient Athens which can be seen in ancient Attica Athens coins.

The Monument to Enduring Freedom stresses the idea that law and wisdom must work in tandem in order to truly have a free society for all its citizens. We’ve also incorporated the famous Liberty Bell at the foot of the Monument to Enduring Freedom on the back. This facilitates the strong structural integrity of the monument and is obviously the great American icon symbolizing this country’s independence from tyranny.

The Roman toga on the Monument to Enduring Freedom, like the Greek clothing on the Statue of Liberty celebrates our debt to the Classical legacy. Our Founding Fathers have always acknowledged their debt to some of the social and political ideals of Republican Rome and Greece. The ideas of democratic freedom are now global aspirations for billions of people.

Side view of Statue of Freedom Concept

The Materials

The material used for the Monument to Enduring Freedom and the sculpture relief panels would be a combination of fabricated and cast bronze. The bronze work would have a natural green patina with some gold leaf highlights. The architectural building site would be constructed with reddish-brown brickwork with limestone blocks in key areas such as the archway entrances and arched window areas directly below the statue figure.

All the materials described are natural materials and would withstand the elements and we don’t see any great maintenance problems in the future. We believe the Monument to Enduring Freedom can be a constant reminder of the great work that America must do to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of people in this country and around the world.

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Diagram of Statue of Freedom with writings about statue features
Freedom Alliance, LLC. A Veteran Owned Company

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